Sun has produced a range of "highly flexible"pricing models to go with a set of new storage products as well as new versions of its Java Desktop and Java Enterprise System software.

As well as announcing a subscription-based pricing for its StorEdge storage systems, which will range between $1.95 and $2.49 per GB per month, it released version 2.0 of the Java Desktop System, with improved management software.

It also produced its new Sun Java System RFID software for integrating RFID data into enterprise information systems. And new Netra and StorEdge storage arrays designed for telcos and governments with high-end needs.

The wide array of announcements came at the company's quarterly SunNetwork conference in Shanghai.

Sun's Java Desktop System was designed to compete with Windows and Office desktop software. It is based on SuSE's Linux distribution and includes Sun's StarOffice productivity suite and the Mozilla Web browser. It will remain at its original pricing of $50 per user until December, Sun said, and version 2.0 will now support the Korean, Japanese and Brazilian languages.

On the server side, details of the per-citizen pricing it is offering government buyers of its Java Enterprise System middleware will soon be announced. The Enterprise System, which costs $100 per employee for enterprise customers, will be priced from between $0.33 to $1.95 per citizen depending on the population of the country in question and on the its ranking according to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. It will now be supported on the Red Hat Linux operating system as well as Solaris.

As well as these announcements, on display will also be a new, extremely scalable file system for Solaris called the Dynamic File System. The file system has already been in beta testing for a number of months but a production will only be available at the end of the year.