Sun is expanding its aggressive HP Away programme as it continues to lure HP customers to its Solaris platform.

According to Sun, the programme includes "a no-risk path to Sun systems for HP-UX customers - a group faced with product delays and inconsistent availability across HP's product line".

It continues: "The programme offers enterprise customers a risk-free path to growth on the Solaris OS and provides numerous advantages over HP-UX beyond its long-term roadmap stability and high-level corporate commitment/investment."

Specifically, it includes a "shared model in which Sun works with customers to deploy an effective migration solution and a two-day migration consultation workshop at no charge, designed to determine the cost and technical requirements involved in a migration."

Also included are a two-week Tru64 or HP-UX to Solaris OS migration assessment service, a storage TCO review to justify storage infrastructure migration, along with financing and trade-in offers.

"We're expanding the HP Away program to take advantage of an inflection point in the industry," said Larry Singer, Sun's senior VP of global market strategies. "Specifically, we're addressing the disruption around HP's architectural roadmap and its neglect of a key customer base, this time HP-UX users. Even as the technology market is picking up, HP-UX customers are hesitant to expand with an operating system that doesn't have a clear future. We're alleviating that problem by providing an easy path to Sun, while using the expanded HP Away program as a tool to help drive our own revenue growth."

Sun announced that over 80 customers have taken advantage of Sun's HP Away program and migrated to Sun systems. The HP Away programme was launched in July last year to address customers facing HP's end-of-development for the Alpha/Tru64 platform and forced migration to Itanium.