Softricity has launched Softgrid for Systems Management Server, an updated version of its application virtualisation system which runs under Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS).

The company's eponymous product virtualises applications, sealing them inside a wrapper that enables deployment to any desktop without creating local dependencies. This latest edition allows applications to be distributed using SMS, while remaining capable of being discovered and metered by SMS. According to Softricity, with application virtualisation and on-demand streaming integrated into SMS, enterprises can accelerate and cut the costs of their application deployments.

Virtual applications run exactly as locally installed applications, with full performance, functionality, and access to local services - including cut and paste, OLE, printing, network drives and attached devices, said the company, executing within an isolated "sandbox," protecting the underlying operating system and other applications from the new applications. This eliminates application conflicts and the need for time-consuming compatibility testing, helps keep the operating system and client machine pristine, and enables "damaged" applications to be instantly refreshed without ever visiting the client. In addition, because virtual applications no longer have to be pre-installed in images, Softricity reduces the number and size of images, saving time for desktop administrators.

With the addition of application streaming, IT can also offer users access to all their applications, regardless which machine on the network they use. Softricity's self-service capabilities further reduce IT's burden by enabling business users to safely provision their own applications, while still adhering to licence and other policies set by IT.

The system remains wedded to Windows servers and desktops and costs $200 per concurrent or named user.