Levanta is offering a free version of its Linux server management software to help organisations start managing the open source server operating system on their networks.

Levanta, which sells its Linux server management technology packaged on an appliance called the Intrepid X, partnered with VMware to develop a virtual appliance - the Intrepid VM Linux Management Appliance. The software can manage up to three running Linux servers at any time, and perform tasks such as Linux provisioning, patch management, automatic change tracking, rollback, disaster recovery and migration, according to Levanta.

“Levanta Intrepid VM is designed to allow Linux systems administrators an opportunity to test-drive and experience the power of Levanta, firsthand,” said Simon Bennett, product manager for the Intrepid product line at Levanta, in a press release.

Levanta says its Intrepid technology can be used to perform an array of server administrative and monitoring tasks. The Intrepid VM virtual appliance lets systems administrators view Linux server performance and monitor environmental metrics on physical machines.

Intrepid VM is a self-contained virtual appliance that can be downloaded for free from Levanta or VMware. The Levanta software can be used for an indefinite amount of time within its defined use guidelines.