SAP has said it “could have done better” on pricing clarity for its BusinessObjects customers, after users expressed their frustration.

Jose Duarte, Europe, Middle East and Africa president at the German software giant, told Computerworld UK that the company was improving the situation fast.

The comments come as SAP pushes hard to integrate its BusinessObjects and Sybase acquisitions into its core stack, driving applications to new devices and delivery models.

Last year, following heightened tensions between SAP users and the German software giant over new licensing and support terms, user groups secured two major commitments from SAP.

SAP: BusinessObjects pricing could have been better First, SAP backtracked on enterprise support across in products in January, offering 2009 prices and a choice of packages. Secondly, it agreed to provide user groups with product ‘roadmaps’ and to listen more to the developments users wanted to see.

But BusinessObjects users were still frustrated over their own licensing, even if SAP improved terms on its other core software.

Duarte admitted that to some degree a “bad taste” remains for some of those users, dating back to the months after SAP’s acquisition of the business intelligence.

But he said SAP was working hard to “create much more transparency and simplicity”.

“I really do understand those concerns,” he said. “I hope we are seen as having stabilised things a lot.”

The chief executive at the SAP UK & Ireland User Group, Craig Dale, made clear in an interview with Computerworld UK this week that SAP users saw the company as “ahead of the game” with revealing plans, compared to its rivals.

But he warned that as the price differential between basic and advanced support hits one percent next year, users will need to see a clear difference to justify spending more. He said he was “confident” SAP would prove the benefits.

SAP released its results yesterday, showing profits up 12 percent to €501 million for the quarter, bolstered by new deals and the popularity of business analytics.