Red Hat has released the latest version of its system management tools, the first version based on its year-old open source Spacewalk project.

The agent-based Red Hat Satellite 5.3 gives users the ability to download system updates, configure, monitor and provision both physical and virtual Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers. The Satellite Network system is built using a set of modules.

Red Hat made the announcement on the first full day of its annual Red Hat Summit held in Chicago.

The Red Hat Network Satellite 5.3 software, an on-premise upgrade to the hosted Red Hat update and bug fix distribution service, features enhanced provisioning that incorporates the latest improvements to Cobbler, an installation server that automates the rollout of Linux servers.

Red Hat as also tweaked scalability, adding improvements such as code optimization to improve multi-system management. In addition, multi-tenancy capabilities and inter-Satellite synchronization have been improved along with new APIs to smooth integration with other corporate management processes.

The Spacewalk technology includes a software and hardware inventory system, software update installation, package collection and distribution, provisioning, management/deployment of configuration files, monitoring, virtual guest provisioning that includes start/stop/configure capabilities, and the ability to distribute content across multiple geographic sites.

Red Hat offers 30-day trial evaluation of the software.