Red Hat (RH) has announced an agreement with HPC specialist Platform Computing to deliver a new, jointly offered product that integrates Platform's Open Cluster Stack with RH's flagship product, Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

The Red Hat HPC Solution provides users with a cost-effective package of tools necessary to more easily deploy and manage an HPC cluster in a wide range of environments, from SMB to enterprise, according to RH. The company also claimed "competitive pricing and outstanding performance".

The HPC software stack includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the device drivers and interconnect support necessary for efficiently running a high-performance cluster, and Platform's Lava-based job scheduler, which schedules user workloads. The components are supported by Red Hat's global enterprise-level services and are delivered as a single product. This cuts both complexity and the time needed to set up and optimise an HPC cluster, said RH.

"Platform's 15 years of expertise deploying high-performance clusters, combined with the performance and stability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, provide a perfect technology match for customers looking for an HPC solution," said RH's engineering VP Paul Cormier. "This agreement also enables us to tailor our existing enterprise solutions for smaller-sized customers, so this new and rapidly growing HPC market can enjoy the benefits of open source software."

Platform's EO Songnian Zhou said: "Platform is excited to partner with Red Hat to reach new markets for HPC solutions. Organisations from enterprise to SMB will be able to adopt open source solutions that are fully supported and easy to use. This agreement supports Platform's strategy to enable organisations to improve time to results and reduce computing costs when deploying cluster and grid software solutions."

The Red Hat HPC Solution has completed certification on a range of hardware platforms and will be available at the end of 2007.