Hosting company Rackspace has launched a website designed to help users looking for information on cloud computing. will contain news, research, white papers, blogs and discussion on a whole range of cloud computing issues.

Simon Abrahams, head of product marketing for Rackspace EMEA said that the site would supply information to anyone interested in ‘computing as a service' - the term he used to describe cloud-hosted servers as he said that the technology was more than just software as a service. "We see a global trend in more companies moving away from the idea that their enterprises should be run off dedicated servers," he said.

Abrahams said that the site was not a marketing tool for Rackspace. "It's going to be Rackspace-lde but this is not about selling Rackspace services, we already have a site for that. It's going to be a lot broader and, we hope, will have contributions from other companies." He said that the site had been launched to fulfil a need for more information about cloud services. "I think there's an appetite for education out there," Abrahams said. "I go to events like CloudCamp and see how many people are really serious in learning more about this issue."

Rackspace has hired hosting industry strategist Andrew Schroepfer to lead discussion and comment on trends on the site.