Provue Development has released Panorama Enterprise Server, a new RAM-based database server for Mac OS X. It's priced starting at $399 (£201) and a demo version is available.

Designed to work in conjunction with Panorama 5.5, Panorama Enterprise Server helps Panorama users set up network-based databases. It uses a "mesh" architecture to distribute RAM-based copies of the shared data across the network. Provue said this cuts delays associated with common database tasks by spreading the load across the network.

Users can disconnect from the network and continue working offline and detached; database changes are synced automatically when the system returns to the network. Panomama Enterprise Server includes visual design tools for building HTML and CSS forms, remote configuration, management and debugging tools, support for Google Analytics and automatic backup of live databases.

System requirements call for Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

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