Parallels and Quest Software have teamed up to offer an end-to-end Windows desktop virtualisation system based on Parallels' operating system-level virtualisation technology, Virtuozzo Containers.

The deal, announced on Tuesday, is designed to deliver the benefits of thin-client computing - such as reduced administration - while also simplifying matters for administrators by offering a complete system that can handle all virtualisation and management tasks.

Virtuozzo Containers is a desktop-level virtualisation system, meaning each virtualised operating system uses the same underlying core software. This contrasts with systems such as paravirtualisation or full virtualisation, which require more of the underlying software or hardware to be simulated, using up more resources.

Most virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) systems are based on these more resource-consuming approaches.

Parallels claims its technique can support three times the number of virtualised desktops as other approaches.

Other virtual container products include OpenVZ, Solaris Containers and FreeBSD Jails.

Quest's Provision Networks Virtual Access Suite (VAS) is a desktop management system competing with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) systems from the likes of Citrix, VMware and Qumranet.

The product offers enterprise-grade features such as automated provisioning, power management, support for application streaming and a scheduling infrastructure for automated task execution.