Nearly nine out of ten Windows XP and Vista users said they were concerned that some of their programs would not work in Windows 7. And according to a survey conducted by Parallels, eight out ten users believe that upgrading will be a difficult and time-consuming process.

The company has just released software that it claimed will make it easier to switch to Microsoft's new operating system. Parallels Desktop Upgrade to Windows 7, which is aimed at consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises is said by the company to allow PC users to upgrade Windows 7 without the risk of losing their existing programs. Parallels said that the software would also allow users to handle programs that are not yet compatible with Windows 7.

"Parallels Desktop Upgrade to Windows 7 provides a simple and safe solution for Windows XP and Vista customers who want to successfully move to Windows 7 but may be overwhelmed by the process," said Parallels CEO Serguei Beloussov. "Whether people are upgrading an existing PC or moving to a new PC, all of their programs, files and user settings are automatically moved.