Parallels, the SWSoft subsidiary, has released Desktop 3.0 for Mac.

Among the new features in version 3.0 is "SmartSelect," an addition that lets you open up any file from Windows or Mac OS X using an application from either operating system. For example, SmartSelect is automatically configured to mount and open Mac .dmg installer files in OS X, even if they were downloaded in Windows via Internet Explorer or Outlook, and to automatically open .exe files in Windows, even if they reside in Mac OS X.

Another big feature in the release is 3D support for OpenGL and DirectX graphics software, which enables users to run Windows games from inside Parallels without having to reboot.

"Snapshots" help you to store Parallels' "virtual machine" state, storing them at custom intervals. You can roll back to a previous state as needed, and control levels of integration and isolation using the VM Sentry. You can also make your virtual machine read-only to further protect it. Parallels is also including a six-month trial of virus and spyware protection.

Other changes like Vista Boot Camp support, Parallels Explorer and Security Manager are also part of this release. In total, there are more than 50 new productivity and security features.