The Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) Wednesday announced a fund to support open-source projects.

The OSDL Fellowship Fund will support open-source developers and fill gaps in open-source development, said Stuart Cohen, chief executive of OSDL, a global consortium promoting Linux and open-source software.

Applications will be judged by the OSDL board of directors, with input from a recently-formed advisory board, which came up with the idea for the fund, said Cohen.
The neutrality of OSDL makes it a good funding candidate for the open-source community, he said.

The source of the funding is less clear at present: a page has been set up at OSDL's site requesting donations, as well as giving information about how to apply for funding.

The OSDL is not new to fund-raising, but has previously focused on legal support for . open-source developers who don't have the benefit of corporate sponsorship. In 2005, the group established the IP Support Fund to help provide legal services to Linux and open-source software developers. Two years before that, the group launched the Linux Legal Defense Fund to help Linux creator Linus Torvalds defend himself against a lawsuit by The SCO Group. Today, the group continues to support open-source developers who are threatened by litigation around intellectual property, the OSDL said.