Oracle has released the Windows edition of its latest database product, Oracle Database 10g Release 2.

The Windows version includes Oracle's Database Extensions for .Net, designed to make it easier for developers using the software giant's programming environment to work with Oracle's product.

Oracle's big selling point for the first 10g release was its new grid capabilities, for linking database servers together and sharing work among them. It also added an automated storage management system, for managing disks and files more easily. That product shipped early last year.

Release 2, which first shipped in June, extended the storage management system to work with clustered databases. It also made it easier for users to automate some administration tasks and brought other performance and security tweaks.

The Windows version of Oracle 10g Release 2 joins Linux and Unix versions.

Oracle and IBM continue to dominate the database market, but Microsoft has been gaining share gradually with SQL Server 2000. Databases running on Windows represent the fastest-growing segment of the market, according to Gartner.