Oracle has added management tools to the Linux support service it introduced in October.

The new system, called Management Pack for Linux, includes provisioning, patching, monitoring and administration in a single system. Features include configuration and compliance management, server monitoring, centralised job management and the ability to run many systems as a group.

Oracle undercuts Red Hat with new Linux services

Oracle Unbreakable Linux, now coming out of its trial period, aims to undercut Red Hat by charging roughly half the support costs: Oracle's top price is $1,199 per server per year, compared to $2,499 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat also charges users extra for some of the features in Oracle's Management Pack for Linux, while Oracle is giving the software away as part of its support packages.

Oracle is also offering a Red Hat clone distribution, which it says will follow the Red Hat release schedule. The Management Pack is downloadable now via the Oracle Technology Network, and is free to Unbreakable Linux Basic and Premier subscribers.