Novell has unveiled a new version of its open source real-time operating system targeted at enterprises for whom time is critical.

Suse Linux Enterprise Real Time 10 (SLERT 10) is aimed at Wall Street traders and other organisations that need real-time functionality. Real-time software can carry out operations within a guaranteed time frame, something required for certain industries and to operate some kinds of electronics.

Novell says that with SLERT 10, "financial organisations can respond more rapidly to changing markets and new information, get greater application reliability and predictability, and identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks."

Previous versions of SLERT were based on Linux kernel tweaks by developers from both Novel and Concurrent Computer. However, according to an IT Jungle article, this new version of SLERT uses real-time extensions to the Linux 2.6.22 kernel that were developed by key members of the Linux and real-time operating system communities, put together under the name of CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT patch set.

The article says that the community RT patches and the Concurrent RT patches are both compatible with the NightHawk set of debugging, tracing, and tuning tools created by Concurrent.

With SLERT 10, Novell has also included the latest enterprise-hardened open source technologies that reduce system latency or delay and improve predictability, such as CPU shielding, priority inheritance, sleeping spinlocks, interrupt threads, high-resolution timers and the latest OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution for commodity high-speed interconnects, OFED 1.2.5.

As SLERT 10 is fully supported by Novell, the company claims it is “the only open source, enterprise-class real-time operating system available in the market today.” It also says that its real-time technology allows customers to segment portions of their processors for high-priority mission-critical workloads, as well as ensure that other system processes and tasks do not interrupt them.

SuSE Linux Enterprise Real Time 10 is now available for a suggested $2,500 annual subscription. Current SuSE Linux Enterprise Real Time customers are eligible for upgrade subscriptions to Suse Linux Enterprise Real Time 10 at no additional charge. More pricing information can be found here.