Novell has expressed its continued love of Linux at the LinuxWorld conference in San Francisco with a range of inconsequential announcements.

The same day that IBM outlined several new "initiatives" to expand open source software into new areas of the IT market, Novell execs have again apologised for their drab marketing but promised more focus and passion in future.

The company has produced a general update to its SuSe Linux with a new tagline of "Your Linux is ready." The new sales pitch is SuSe's ability to run on everything from a desktop to a data centre. "Our job as [SuSe] custodians is not to screw it up," said marketing VP John Dragoon.

"We know that mindshare is not market share," Dragoon said, adding that Novell's challenge is to convert the casual downloader into a SuSe customer. Meanwhile CTO Jeff Jaffe added: "The battle for the Linux desktop has taken many years and will continue to take many years. For the first time, we have a real alternative to the Windows desktop."