Zetta, a new cloud storage vendor , has launched a new enterprise-class product is entering the market, promising an enterprise-class file system with snapshots, replication, and other features designed to simplify adoption for existing users and applications.

Zetta, founded in 2007 by veterans of Netscape, is aiming Enterprise Cloud Storage, a web-based storage platform to compete against the likes of Amazon's Simple Storage Service.

"Data growth rates are staggering. In businesses you see growth rates of 40 to 60 percent year over year," says CEO Jeff Treuhaft, a Zetta cofounder and formerly one of Netscape's first employees. Another Zetta cofounder is Lou Montulli, an early Netscape employee who invented web cookies.

Zetta's not yet ready for prime time - its system has been live with more than 20 beta customers since January and a full commercial launch is not expected until the third quarter. But Zetta claims it will offer enterprises better availability and security than existing cloud storage platforms. Zetta encrypts data at rest, and has built a system that can withstand multiple hardware and network failures without losing data, the company said.

Zetta has also written its own file system that will look and act like other file systems customers are accustomed to. Zetta has not yet announced what kind of service-level agreements it will offer, but Treuhaft promised they will be "very aggressive" with escalating penalties. Prices will be set at a maximum of 25 cents per gigabyte per month, according to Treuhaft.

"Targeted towards mid- to large enterprises with large and growing primary data storage needs, Zetta Enterprise Cloud Storage is the new, optimal online home for unstructured data such as active file archives, home directories, media storage for online distribution, and data warehouse extensions," said the company.