Microsoft is adding social networking services, including LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace, to Outlook, allowing users to see social networking information in their inbox.

The software company has launched a beta version of Outlook Social Connector today, that includes the LinkedIn add-on developed to allow users to pull in the latest feeds from the social network.

Microsoft also announced it is working with Facebook and MySpace and expects the social connector to add these feeds in the next version of Office 2010, going on sale in June.

The LinkedIn Outlook Connector displays profile photos and LinkedIn activity for any connection you receive emails from.

To access the service, users that are beta testing Outlook 2010 can download the latest version of Microsoft's Outlook Social Connector and the LinkedIn Outlook Connector. Then restart Outlook and follow the on-screen instructions.

The connector will also give Outlook some social networking features. For instance, a user can click a green 'Add' icon next to a sender's email address to invite them to join their professional network on LinkedIn.