Microsoft has been accused yet again of predatory pricing, this time by Swedish vendor Wellton Way.

The company makes home media centre software and has complained to the EU's anti-trust watchdog. In a letter sent on 27 October, Wellton Way's CEO Claes Wellton Persson said Microsoft was using predatory pricing of its Media Centre Edition (MCE) to "shut out competition" in the digital home market. "We believe our product is superior to MCE and Microsoft is trying to push us out of the market by illegal means," Persson wrote.

The company says the price differential between Microsoft Windows XP Professional and Microsoft XP Media Center Edition is so small that retailers have no incentive to offer XP Pro instead of MCE. MCE could therefore become the standard software product for home consumers, the letter argues, allowing Microsoft a "monopoly in a new market segment".

A spokesman for EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes said that the Commission had not yet received Wellton Way's complaint. He would not say whether the Commission had received complaints from other companies on this issue.

Microsoft declined to comment on the issue.