Marathon Technologies has launched an update for its fault tolerant/high availability suite of products. The new EverRun HA offers high availability for a pair of standard x86-based servers running Windows Server.

It offers lock-stepped continuous availability by inserting a virtualised layer under the OS, which connects transparently to the paired server - neither the applications nor the OS need altering. The company’s software creates a virtual Windows server environment where the application is installed, operated, and managed. The entire configuration presents itself as a single standalone server, with just one identity and IP address.

The difference between the new product and its predecessor, apart from the name change from HAServer, is that, in the words of the company's Greg Callum, it is more scalable. This means that it now supports multi-processor installations. This expands the reach of the product, said Callum, because applications in larger enterprises run on such platforms. Techworld reviewed its sister product, FTvirtual Server, in January.

Callum said that the system has been tested against applications including SAP and SQL Server. "We don't have to qualify applications, and we have customers/partners who are testing Oracle, for example", he said.

According to European manager Nick Turnbull, there are three versions, priced on a per-socket basis: single is $7,500; dual $10,000 and multi-socket $12,500. Turnbull said UK customers should apply "the usual conversion rate" of around $1.75 per UKP.