Mandrakesoft has become Mandriva, a cunning combination of its name and Conectiva, the company it bought in February for 1.79 million euros.

The name change handily also allows Mandrakesoft, sorry, Mandriva to leave behind it a long-running trademark dispute with US publisher Hearst, owner of the rights to the comic strip Mandrake le Magicien.

MandrakeSoft remains a minor player in the Linux market, coming behind Red Hat, Novell, and Turbolinux but the new "simple and efficient" name will mean a reversal in fortunes, the company feels. Mandriva will "further a smooth transition and will build on our existing brand recognition in the IT world", it boasted.

The company has already shifted all its websites and content to Mandriva-based domains: for the corporation; for the community project; for the online store; for the club and for the web-based support platform.

That name again: Mandriva.