Mac users have finally got their own desktop search tool, after a glut of similar products for PCs in the past few months.

Such a tool should come as standard with Mac OS X 10.4, but for those unwilling to wait there is Blinkx, which has ported its Windows search tool, blinkx 2.0, to Mac OS X. It offers users access to query tools and Smart folders (which automatically update themselves as new information becomes available, based on ideas contained within those files). Effectively, the software lets users index their drive and search the Web and the drive simultaneously.

A free download, blinkx assesses all the information a user is looking at, and automatically recommends and retrieves relevant content, including pdfs, mp3s and jpegs from local and Web searches, based on context. It supports Safari, Entourage and QuickTime.

"After extensive research and development, we're pleased to extend blinkx's innovative contextual search capabilities to the Mac community," said blinkx CEO, Mark Opzoomer.

"Apple is known for bringing consumers cutting edge technology that is both elegant and intuitive, and we believe that blinkx delivers capabilities and a user experience will make it a natural complement to Apple's new Tiger OS; Spotlight will index metadata in a revolutionary way, while blinkx tackles conceptual content."