With more companies being drawn to the possibilities offered by open source source software, Ubuntu company Canonical and open source consultacy, The Open Learning Centre have teamed up to offer a workshop on Linux within business.

There's a growing interest in open source software, the new coalition government has made encouraging noises about the use of the technology and the companies are hoping to tap into that interest with the aid of some enthusiastic Linux devotees.

"I think it is time to show that Ubuntu is a proper grown up operating system that is ready for use in the workplace," said The Opening Learning Centre's Alan Bell. "Many people use Ubuntu at home because it is faster, more secure, better looking and just more enjoyable than what they use at work. We want to provide these early adopters with an opportunity to bring their colleagues along to a professionally run event and see and discuss how Ubuntu is relevant to the workplace.

CIOs are still fighting to keep costs low and open source software offers them an opportunity to make savings, said Bell. "As budgets are being squeezed both in the private and public sector there is a growing need for people to think more carefully than before about the technology that they invest time and money in," he added.

The event, which is being held at the Brickhouse in London's Brick Lane on 13 July, will feature presentations from users, a panel discussion session and some hands-on Ubuntu sessions.