Apple’s newly launched Leopard operating system has been hacked to allow it to be successfully installed on Windows PCs.

The OSx86 Scene forum has released details of how Windows users can migrate to Apple’s new OS, without investing in new hardware. This is despite the fact that installing Leopard on a PC may be counter to Apple’s terms and conditions.

The forum is offering full instructions on how to install the system, including screenshots of the installation process.

Not all the features of Leopard function with the patch - for example Wi-Fi support is reportedly inoperable. Historically, Apple’s likely next move will be to track down and act against those behind the hack.

The move to make Leopard work on a PC is just the latest in Apple’s continuing struggle with the hacker community.

At the weekend, a crew of hackers also unleashed Jailbreak Me, an online service iPod touch and iPhone users can navigate to in order to break into these devices in order to install applications on them.

Apple has encountered similar trials each time it releases a new version of its operating system, as PC-using hackers want the OS, but not necessarily the Mac.

Apple as yet hasn’t allowed virtualisation software developers to create ways in which Mac OS X can be run on an Intel-based Windows machine, although this weekend’s Leopard news shows that it is possible.

Leopard has also been contending with blue screen problems since its launch on Friday.