New York state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has launched an anti-trust investigation of Intel, after his office served a wide-ranging subpoena on the chip giant.

Cuomo is investigating whether Intel violated state and federal anti-trust laws by coercing customers to exclude its main rival, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), from the worldwide market for PC central processing units (CPUs), Cuomo said in a news release.

The subpoena seeks information on Intel's pricing practices and possible attempts to exclude competitors through its market power, Cuomo's office said.

Intel also faces anti-trust charges in Europe. The European Commission has accused the company of handing out rebates to computer manufacturers in return for buying the bulk of their x86 chips from Intel, paying computer makers for scrapping or delaying the launch of machines fitted with AMD chips, and of selling its server chips at below cost to large customers.

This week, the European Commission confirmed it has received a written response to the formal anti-trust charges it filed against Intel.