Intel is rebranding for the new year, ditching the famous "Intel Inside" campaign for a new logo and a "Leap ahead" catchphrase. According to Intel, 2006 is a leap year. Even though it's not - 2008 is the next leap year.

As part of the effort, the 37-year old Intel logo, its name in lower case letters and a dropped "e" has been, well, dropped. The new logo is simply "intel" with the same swoop around the word.

"We're aligning our brand strategy with our platform strategy," an Intel spokesman offered. The "Intel Inside" campaign focused solely on the company's microprocessors, such as the popular Pentiums. But Intel has changed its focus to include entire platforms, such as the Centrino chipset, and the upcoming Viiv platform for home entertainment computers. The new logo aims reflects that apparently.

"Intel Inside" was launched in 1991 and went a long way in telling PC users something about the important components inside their computers. It helped separate the identity of the microprocessor from, say, the memory chip or graphics chip.

"It was a great campaign and it really put us on the map with consumers," said a spokesman. The term "inside" won't disappear completely - the company will use its new logo alongside the name of the processor and the word "inside" with its chips, such as "'intel' Pentium M inside".

The new tag line, "Leap ahead" is meant to express what the company has made possible in the past in terms of technology, and what it intends to continue doing going forward.

The company refused to say how much the re-branding effort would cost the world's largest chip maker.