InovaWave has produced a new driver that it claims can more than double the speed of virtualised systems.

DXtreme for Windows improves throughput within virtual machines, and InovaWave's CTO Dave McCrory demonstrated a 247 per cent improvement maximum - although CPU use leapt from two per cent to 70 per cent as a result.

The exact boost will depend on the workload, InovaWave said, but a 50 per cent boost might be more typical. DXtreme takes the form of a device driver, and it means that, for example, you could run more virtual machines on a server - possibly double the number, according to InvoWave.

However, the increase in CPU power draw could prove a gating factor, with the severity of the problem depending on the type of workload, according to McCrory. The demonstration was entirely I/O-based and was designed to show off the maximum performance improvement, whereas real-world loads are rarely so I/O intensive, McCrory admitted.