IBM has produced a new suite of Tivoli-based systems management tools as part of a management system for its zSeries.

The new solution, called the IBM Tivoli Omegamon XE, is intended to better allow sysadmins detect, isolate, and repair application performance problems within their systems. It uses a common architecture, providing a common interface, and more comprehensive monitoring features, according to the company.

The suite helps monitor and manage zSeries operating systems and subsystems, including the z/OS, Unix System Services, DB2, zSeries networks, storage, WebSphere Application Server, and the WebSphere Integration Brokers

The product, which combines IBM's own technology with that it acquired from Candle, is a step toward offering users an infratructure that never needs to be taken offline, the company said.

"As a business partner, we see the combined IBM Tivoli and Candle systems management offering enables us to reach a broader set of customers," said Ken LoCascio, VP at Vicom Infinity. "We believe the Tivoli Omegamon XE presents a beneficial collection of systems management products to customers," he said.

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