IBM has released a new four-processor server designed for remote offices or storage-intensive applications, the xSeries 260.

Based on the 64-bit Intel Xeon MP processor, formerly codenamed Cranford, and IBM's X3 architecture, the dual-core-capable 7U-high server allows customers to include up to twelve 3.5in. SCSI hard disk drives for faster processing and greater capacities, according to Stuart McRae, director of high-volume servers and workstations.

Customers can install hard drives with capacities of up to 300GB per drive, for a total of 3.6TB of local storage, McRae said. The x260 is designed to be used in remote or branch offices of hotels, banks and retail operations that need large amounts of internal storage, or for local backup of critical business information.

Small and mid-size businesses can also use the x260 to run point-of-sale systems, according to IBM. The x260 can serve as a central storage location for inventory and sales data and be used to send data to corporate offices. Available in the US in mid-September, the x260 starts at $4,599.

Next month, IBM will also begin shipping the IntelliStation M Pro 6218, a workstation that uses an Intel dual-core processor. This workstation, which offers 8GB of memory, is usually used for mechanical and electronic design, drug discovery and digital content creation, IBM said. Pricing for the IntelliStation M Pro 6218 starts at $1,479.