IBM has introduced a new set of cloud services under the name of Smart Business. The company said it was building on the growing interest in cloud computing and was introducing the services to tap into the growing need by organisations to get the most from their IT investments.

We've been down this route before. The company's first attempt at cloud services, the Blue Cloud initiative, has now been superseded by the Smart Business portfolio. However, the company denies that Blue Cloud was a failure. "Smart Business is very much the follow-up to Blue Cloud," said Dennis Quan, IBM Director of Autonomic Computing. "We kicked off with Blue Cloud and tried out a few ideas about what our clients wanted from cloud computing.

Quan said that the company had introduced three mechanisms as a way of getting into cloud computing.

• Smart Business standardised services - a public cloud owned by IBM;
• Smart Business private cloud services - services developed by IBM
• Cloud Burst - a set of services offered to customers who want to run their own cloud

All three mechanisms will include IBM's service management system, software that IBM describes as a kind of air traffic control system for IT, to help with the monitoring and provisioning of the cloud services.

He added that many companies were looking to introduce a hybrid model where public and private clouds were mixed, where companies could pick what mechanism was right for them.

Quan said that there were a variety of pricing models but said that, as an example, CloudBurst would start from $200,000(£122,00).