The HTC Desire phone range are pretty nice as it is, but it would also be cool to see how the phone runs under another operating system. It didn't take the guys over and the XDA Developers forum too long to get the Android phone to boot Ubuntu natively.

The was created by "Bergfex" and was originally based off a Ubuntu developer thread for the Desire HD from late last year. The hack mainly involves putting zip files in particular places, such as at the root level of your SD card and on your computer, and then putting the phone into bootloader mode. You'd then connect the phone to your computer and restart it to get the old ROM loading. No Chroot needed!

At present, most functions are working quite smoothly, but work is still being done on sound, USB host functions, Firefox, and the hard and soft-keys. Although basic functions like touchscreen, SMS and calling are working well, it's probably pretty frustrating to use when there's no sound.

For those looking to hack their Desire HD phone without getting into anything too complicated, this hack is probably a good place to start. To get the full instructions plus support if something goes wrong, check out the forum thread. And watch the video from the original Ubuntu thread to see a phone running the OS: