HP has followed up its $1.6 billion acquisition of data centre automation software provider Opsware, by announcing it plans to purchase thin-client computing vendor Neoware for approximately $214 million.

The Neoware deal will enhance its personal systems technologies, and will enable it to accelerate the growth of its thin-client business by “boosting its Linux software, client virtualisation and customisation capabilities,” HP said in a statement.

"Thin clients are an important component in today's overall computing strategy and play a critical role in HP's virtualisation strategy. Acquiring Neoware confirms our commitment to thin-client computing and client virtualisation solutions," said Kevin Frost, vice president of Business Desktops in the Personal Systems Group at HP.

The merger of HP and Neoware technologies will combine the latter’s Linux-based thin clients and software with HP’s Microsoft Windows thin clients and virtual client environments, such as blade PCs, blade workstations and virtual desktops, according to HP. It believes the acquisition will allow it to maintain its position in the thin-client market, and help customers shift more easily to virtualised client computing.

"Acquiring our company will further strengthen HP's PC business as it extends its portfolio of remote client solutions and delivers secure, low-cost access to centralised personal computing," said Klaus Besier, president and CEO of Neoware, in a statement.

Following the close of the acquisition (expected at the end of October), HP plans to integrate Neoware into the Business Desktops Unit of HP’s Personal Systems Group.

Original reporting by Denise Dubie, Network World (US)