HP will announce two new ProLiant servers later today.

The slimmest member yet of its BL line of blade servers, the BL30p, will fit into the same chassis as the existing BL20p and BL40p, but take up half the room; and a $499 (£270) system aimed at small to medium-sized businesses, the ML110, will be a single-processor tower-shaped server with either a 2.6GHz Celeron processor or the 2.8GHz or 3.0GHz Pentium 4 from Intel.

Despite the new launches though, HP will have a hard time persuading companies to buy into the technology. Last week, an IDC survey revealed IT directors are sceptical of the latest technology, with blade servers in particular singled out.

The BL30p uses a newly designed "sleeve" mechanism that lets two BL30p units plug into the interconnects used by one BL20p. Blade servers are extremely dense, slimmed-down systems. Like books in a bookshelf, they slide into a chassis that provides power and networking and are designed to be an easy to manage system for server farms or supercomputers

The BL30p will include only one IDE hard drive, to the BL20p's two SCSI drives, but customers will be able to fit 16 of the BL30p blades into HP's standard BL p-class enclosure.

Both the BL30p and the ML110 will support the Linux and Windows. The ML110, available immediately, will also support Novell Inc.'s NetWare OS.

HP has not released pricing or specifications for the BL30p, which will begin shipping by the end of June.