HP has settled with Intergraph for $141 million over its claimed infringement of Intergraph's microprocessor patents.

For that huge sum of cash, HP gets a licence to all of Intergraph's patents, and Intergraph gets a licence for any HP patents relating to Intergraph's products.

The settlement resolves several outstanding lawsuits between the companies. One of the suits had been due to go to court on 21 February. The claims themselves relate to technologies developed by Intergraph for its Clipper family of microprocessors, now discontinued.

The important event though was when Intel - who Intergraph also sued -

settled for $225 million. Gateway also settled, this time for $10 million. Intergraph however dropped the same infringement suits against against Dell, but the HP case lived on.

HP responded by filing countersuits against Intergraph in the US and, earlier this year, in Germany. The settlement resolves all outstanding litigation between the companies.

Intergraph also AMD in January last year. AMD settled three months later, paying $10 million for a licence, plus some subsequent payments. Intergraph, in Huntsville, Alabama, now develops graphics software for analysing complex data.