Europe will be hardest hit by HP layoffs, the company has revealed.

Of the 14,500 worldwide layoffs announced in July, 5,900 of them will come from Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

HP was required to share the specific number of layoffs with the company's European Works Council. All multi-nationals are required to have such a council, which co-ordinates information between employees and the company. Executives in specific EMEA countries plan to meet soon and determine where the layoffs will take place, said an HP spokesman.

As part of a massive restructuring announcement in the early days of new CEO Mark Hurd's tenure, HP said it would cut 14,500 jobs worldwide and streamline the company's sales force. Until now, the company had not said where those cuts would take place.

About 3,200 employees in the US accepted an early retirement package in July, HP said. The move cost $400 million. Earlier this year, HP cut about 3,000 positions in a separate restructuring move. HP currently has about 150,000 employees worldwide, and about 50,000 are located in the US.