HP has launched an entry-level, Itanium-based server system aimed at smaller companies in the healthcare, financial services and telecommunications industries. It's part of HP's NonStop range and targeted at those requiring business continuity and high availability.

The Integrity NonStop NS1000 aims to deliver 24 x 7 availability and real-time access to critical business applications. For example, in the financial services industry, the NS1000 can serve as the backbone of ATM and point-of-sale transactions, providing the entire stack of hardware, operating system, software and database in a single solution. The server also supports the high-availability needs of larger companies with distributed installations, such as hospitals with satellite facilities or financial institutions with branch offices, said HP.

The system combines industry-standard hardware with the company's NonStop software suite which delivers fault tolerance/fault isolation, dynamic workload balancing, linear scalability, application virtualisation and cluster programming transparency. HP dubs the combination NonStop Value Architecture.

HP's new NS1000 is powered by Itanium 2 processors, with supported configurations including two to eight processors; four and eight gigabytes of memory; 1.3GHz/3MB cache; and the ability to connect up to 32 TB of disk storage per system using internal disks. HP said that you'll be able to upgrade to future versions of the Itanium, helping to protect the investment and reduce total cost of ownership.

HP also said that organisations in emerging markets such as Russia and China would benefit from having the superior service levels and availability that HP Integrity NonStop technology provides. Unlike in more mature markets, governments and corporations in these markets are often starting from scratch in building data centres that will meet their needs for the next 20 to 30 years; the NS1000 can serve as a key building block for these infrastructures.

The HP Integrity NonStop NS1000 Server is now available in all regions. It costs €88,250 to include two CPUs, 8GB RAM in total, two Fibre Channel adapters with two ports each, two Gigabit Ethernet adapters with four ports each, six 73GB HDDs, and a system console.


"There is a large segment of smaller enterprise customers that tends to be priced out of market for high-end, fault-tolerant servers," said IDC research director Stephen Josselyn. "For those customers, the NS1000 server offers significant value and additional choice for application availability and fault tolerance."

"No competitive offering on the market today comes close to delivering ‘five nines’ availability – 99.999 per cent uptime over the course of a year – at this price," said HP marketing manager Craig Wagner. "For customers seeking an affordable, continuously available environment right out of the box, the search ends with the HP Integrity NonStop NS1000 Server."