HP has extended its support for open-source project OpenLDAP.

The networking giant has signed a new agreement with Symas to support its distribution of the access protocol for identity management and directory services.

HP will resell and support Connexitor Directory Services (CDS) across its entire range of servers. The new agreement expands on a relationship HP announced with Symas in August.

Some customers tend to be nervous about doing business with open-source players because of their small size. HP providing support for a startup's software gives users an added layer of reassurance about adopting open-source software, said director of worldwide Linux and open source at HP, Jeffrey Wade. "We offer a single point of accountability," he added.

HP has incorporated OpenLDAP into its Linux Reference Architectures (LRAs), stacks of integrated software and hardware, according to Wade. "This is the latest addition to the stack," he said. The LRAs already contain several other open-source pieces including MySQL AB's database and JBoss middleware.

It's possible that HP may resell other Symas software such as its naming services or its Kerberos services or its directory-based management server for Windows domain controllers and workstations, according to Wade. More news on the relationship between the two companies should emerge in "the next quarter or two", he said.