Fujitsu Siemens (FS) has upgraded its blades for the company's 3U Primergy BX300 chassis. They are now powered by Intel Pentium M CPUs, originally designed for mobile applications, in order to achieve lower heat dissipation through the use of notebook-style low-voltage components. They replace existing Pentium III blades. The CPUs run at up to 1.6GHz while the blades, up to 20 per chassis, can house up to 4GB of DDR ECC SDRAM and up to two 20GB, or 60GB, IDE hard disks in either RAID0 or RAID1 configurations. Prime applications for the system, according to the company, are Web servers and terminal server installations, with benefits including lower costs per server blade and reduced rack space requirements. Prices for the new blades range from £1,187 to £1,212, depending on speed.