The European Commission has expanded an ongoing anti-trust probe of chip giant Intel.

The EC will now also examine claims that the company has been pressuring Europe's largest computer retail chain not to sell computers containing chips made by arch-rival AMD, a Commission spokesman confirmed.

"The Commission is concerned that Intel has been putting pressure on Media Markt not to stock computers that include AMD chips as opposed to Intel chips," he said.

Media Markt is a German chain of over 360 stores spread across 11 countries in the European Union. In July, AMD complained to Germany’s anti-trust office, the Bundeskartellampt, that it didn’t have access to this vital sales outlet.

The Commission decided to examine the claim because of the cross-border nature of the alleged anti-trust abuse involving Media Markt and because, if true, Intel's links with the retailer would strengthen its ongoing anti-trust case, which began in 2001.