Double-Take Software can now migrate server workload data from a physical server to a virtual machine, or even from a virtual machine to virtual machine, with little or no downtime.

Double-Take's new 'Workload Optimisation Suite' is a repackaging of some of the company's existing products, as well as making use of some of the technology it inherited from acquisitions.

It acquired continuous data protection (CDP) specialist TimeSpring in early 2008, and later in July it snapped up iSCSI specialist emBoot.

"Disaster recovery and backup is the place we have played in the last 18 years," Ian Masters, UK sales and marketing director told Techworld. But he pointed out that the company had acquired new technologies over the past two years and its vision is to become a "dynamic infrastructure company", allowing the movement of IT workloads, he said.

"We can now migrate customers from VMware environments to Microsoft Hyper-V, and users can remain online right until they switch across," he said.

Double-Take says that new features, licensing options and functionality have been added to the new Workload Optimisation Suite, which it hopes will offer customers a one stop shop for all their portability, backup and availability needs, when moving data from old infrastructure to new servers or to a data centre.

The suite of tools is made up of four products namely Double-Take Move (workload migration), Double-Take Backup, Double-Take Availability and Double-Take Flex (which uses emBoot's technology to manage workloads by booting it from iSCSI SANs, regardless of hardware).

Double-Take announced the availability of its Virtual Recovery Assistant last year to avoid computer downtime when migrating from physical to virtual servers. But now the company is touting DT-Move's ability to migrate between any combination of physical and virtual hardware (P2P, P2V, V2P or V2V).

DT-Backup meanwhile can continuously backup workloads and can recover them on demand to a new physical or virtual machine. Using CDP, recovery can also be done at the item level to any point in time.

DT-Availability is used in disaster recovery and business continuity scenarios as it ensures the availability of critical IT workloads using real-time replication and failover. This, Double-Take says, can protect individual applications, entire servers, or virtualised workloads running on VMware ESX or Microsoft Hyper-V.

Finally DT-Flex allows for the booting of any server's workload from iSCSI, and can turn storage on any Windows server into an iSCSI SAN. Essentially, it has integrated the netBoot/i and sanFly products into one package in order to reduce the time and expense of both desktop and server provisioning, as well as management.

Both DT Move and DT Flex are available now, but DT-Availability and DT-Backup will only be available at the end of the second quarter when they replace Double-Take's existing products in this area.

Pricing is done on a per product basis, or customers can acquire the entire suite.

Masters said a one instance (one migration at a time) would cost £376 in the UK, but he suspected that few people would want that, as they will want multiple migrations. A complete migration service would be priced on demand.