Dell has introduced a new range of workstations, including a quad-core system that the company said was its highest-performing machine ever.

The dual-socket Dell Precision T5400 and the Precision T7400 come with Intel's power-efficient Penryn processors - the quad-core Xeon 5400 and dual-core 5200 processors - chips made using the 45-nanometer manufacturing process.

Dell claimed that the products' multi-core and multi-threading capabilities would provide the scalability and boost graphics performance to run specialised applications specific to the fields of engineering, science and digital content, Dell said. A better chip design provides a faster data path between processors, memory and chipset, speeding up memory-intensive applications.

A dual-socket design supports up to two Xeon processors that operate at speeds of up to 3.2GHz. It will also come with PCI Express Gen2 graphics slots to provide improved graphics capabilities, according to Dell, and will support up to four monitors. The systems will support up to 128GB of RAM.

Continuing its enterprise push, Dell also began selling the Google Search Appliance and Google Mini, hardware boxes loaded with Google's search engine software that lets companies index and find information stored on corporate servers. Both boxes can index data from 220 file types including HTML, PDF and Microsoft Word.