Early next week, Neverfail will announce the first continuous availability product on the market to protect VMware's VirtualCenter Server: Neverfail for VMware VirtualCenter.

VirtualCenter Server is the VMware component that acts as the central control node for configuring, provisioning and managing virtualised IT set-ups. It is an important component of most VMware Infrastructure installations and serves as the control point for services such as VMware VMotion and VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS).

VMotion enables the migration of live virtual machines between physical servers, and VMware DRS dynamically allocates and balances computing capacity within a group of VMware ESX Server hosts. Their use yields benefits including increased efficiency and flexibility, provided that VMware VirtualCenter Server can be accessed by an IT administrator. If it fails IT administrators are left without access to these functions.

Neverfail for VMware VirtualCenter monitors and protects VMware VirtualCenter Server and its underlying environment, and offers automated failover to a secondary server if the primary server fails. It replicates data from the primary to the secondary server and constantly checks the status of the hardware, network infrastructure, operating system and the management server software itself.

If an issue arises with VMware VirtualCenter Server or one of its components, the system fails over to a secondary server which contains all data and maintains connectivity to VMware VirtualCenter until the outage can be resolved. The failover process is transparent and IT administrators can continue utilising the management features of VMware VirtualCenter.

Parag Patel, alliances VP at VMware, said: "Neverfail's new product offering can be used to protect VMware VirtualCenter and complement the many benefits of VMware Infrastructure."

Pricing has not yet been disclosed.