Power company Comtec has created a new service aimed at promoting "green" data centres.

By green of course it means less harmful than currently, although this translates to "reducing an organisation's carbon footprint and increasing efficiency".

The service, dubbed the Datacentre Eco-Structure, will help customers select the correctly sized power supply for their data centre, rather than over-specify as many if not most do, the company said. It will also provide advice on other elements such as design, project management, relocation, UPS, cooling, environmental monitoring, and maintenance and support. All this "offers agility and resilience", according to Comtec.

Comtel consultant Nick Ewing said: "Data centre managers are under growing pressure to conform to 'green' CSR strategies that will reduce a company's carbon emissions, and their energy bills. Right-sizing the energy-guzzling power and cooling components in the data centre with the ecological and financial demands of an organisation, therefore, requires a strategic design that delivers flexibility, efficiency and performance."

The company is looking at data centres with around 100-200 cabinets rather than major collocation spaces, Ewing said. Many data centre managers currently buy a huge power supply where they should buy a smaller but scalable system, according to Ewing. Over time, this would save money because of lower energy consumption despite its initial higher cost, according to Ewing. "You also get the benefits of hot swappability, scalability, and redundancy," he argued.

Ewing cited the Carbon Trust which, on behalf of the UK government, maintains an energy technology list of environmentally friendly equipment, such as air-conditioning systems boilers, lighting, motors and refrigeration. When customers buy hardware from the list under a little-known government green scheme known as the enhanced capital allowance, they can claim back up to 100 per cent of the capital cost at the end of the tax year. Ewing said that he specifies equipment from that list.