Citrix Online has announced a new service for teleworkers and small businesses to allow remote access to their PCs.

The new service, BT Remote Access Pack, is tied in with BT's broadband service and is powered by Citrix' GoToMyPC service.

According to Citrix, only the PCs authorised and assigned to an individual user are shown. Users choose one or more and authenticate with a second password, and only then are granted access. They can then use and control their remote desktops as if they were local.

Real-time access is then provided to the full contents of their desktop computers from anywhere, including all files and network connections, while billing and customer support is handled by BT. Business

Citrix said that its security controls include one-time passwords, end-to-end user authentication, 128-bit AES end-to-end, screen blanking and mouse locking of the host computer.

"We're committed to providing small businesses and teleworkers with fast, secure access to information - regardless of where they are - to be competitive," said BT Retail's product manager Chris Lindsay. "Our powerful combination of fast, always-on broadband service and Citrix GoToMyPC's fast, easy and secure access to desktops, will give small businesses and teleworkers the same level of speed and access as those in larger corporations, without the need for IT expertise and at a fraction of the cost."

Citrix marketing man Mike Mansbach said: "We're delighted to be teaming up with BT. Based on our experience with leading ISPs in the United States, we are confident that best-in-class remote access will attract broadband users to BT and help in customer retention. Like broadband, remote access has become a must-have for small businesses, and the combination of these services will provide an enormous boost to employee productivity."