Citrix Systems is to bump up the prices of all its products outside the US by 10 percent. The company said that the price reflected the weakness of the dollar against other currencies.

The increase will be effective from 1 September and applies to its authorised distributors, who will then set end-user pricing according to the market, according to a company spokeswoman.

"Citrix resellers determine the price at which they sell to their customers based on their purchase price from distributors, their business model and the overall scope of each solution," the spokeswoman said.

Citrix's pricing is based on the dollar, which has steadily declined in buying power over the last few years against the euro and British pound.

"The increase is a result of the rising costs of doing business globally, based upon the inflation of various currencies in comparison to the US dollar, upon which Citrix pricing is based," according to a company statement.

The dollar experienced a sudden surge last week against both currencies, but remains weak overall. Monday exchange rates showed that £1 costs $1.86 and €1 costs $1.46.

The price increase comes as technology spending is expected to slow down amid as the world economy weathers a slow down in the US economy and a tightening of credit by banks.