Virtual desktop company Parallels has launched a desktop calculator that it claimed will make it easier for organisations to work out the cost savings involved in adopting a virtual desktop infrastructure.

The company has been hard at work promoting virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) as a technology. This is where traditional PCs are being replaced by thin clients where the operating system and applications are held on servers elsewhere. The company said that although there are some strong financial incentives for businesses to adopt such a strategy, take-up has so far been very slow.

However, Russell Blackburn, Parallels' country manager for UK and Ireland said that could be about to change. "The two main barriers to VDI adoption at the moment are user acceptance and the expected ROI for IT departments. The first is easy to address as users will instantly find the experience of a virtual desktop the same as a physical one," he said.

The calculator has been designed to show the levels of savings that could be made by moving to a VDI environment. Blackburn said that companies could quickly ascertain the financial advantages. "Our calculator helps address the second barrier by taking into account factors such as hardware, application and power consumption costs to demonstrate a base-level of savings that can be made," he said.

If anything, Blackburn said, the calculator underestimates the savings. "It doesn't actually account for the cost of management, which is dramatically reduced with VDI as your physical estate is essentially much smaller. So the calculator is effectively a tool that can be used to understand how Parallels VDI can achieve up to 50 percent savings compared to other technologies. We're confident that the actual savings in terms of time and costs will end-up much higher," he added.