It's been an uneasy few days for Microsoft following the release of its SP2 update for Windows XP, but just four days in, it has finally found a company to say it is supporting the upgrade.

Computer Associates will support SP2 with its eTrust security management solutions, the company has announced. The upgrade new security features, including virus protection and a firewall, have been incorporated into both eTrust Antivirus and consumer eTrust EZ Antivirus, in order to meet the needs of CA’s enterprise, SME and consumer customers, CA said.

There's more: "CA is working closely with Microsoft to help ensure that its customers reap the full benefits of Windows XP SP2,” says Toby Weiss, CA senior vice-president of eTrust Security Management Solutions. “Both our enterprise eTrust Antivirus and our consumer eTrust EZ Antivirus solutions inter-operate with the native security features of Windows, to help ensure that users' desktops have complete, up-to-date virus signatures, and that their security mechanisms are appropriately configured to provide maximum protection against both malware and network-based threats."

Terrific. That's one ball down after IBM, and a variety of other sysadmins, decided that SP2 was not for them at the moment. In fact, Microsoft has been pushed into allowing companies to disable the download of SP2 while allowing other updates, just because of their concerns over dealing with it.

SP2 automatically installs security features to protect computers from hackers, viruses and other security risks. It also supports new technologies, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, along with improved hardware and driver support.

Nevetheless, Microsoft is still extremely grateful that someone has come to its side. "Microsoft is pleased to be working with CA to make it easier and more intuitive for our customers to become more secure," said Neil Charney, director of Windows product management.