Fujitsu Siemens Computer (FSC) reckons that customers can get one of its Primergy BladeFrame servers up and running with a base configuration in under two minutes.

The company said that an implementation was performed recently for one of its public sector customers looking for servers that can be deployed quickly and can support high performance, mission-critical applications. The piloted set-up was timed at one minute and 31 seconds. FSC said its unique architecture and feature-set differentiates its system, and that such fast deployment could potentially save millions in implementation costs.

The BladeFrame uses a new architecture that eliminates the complexity found in today’s data centres through the use of its Processor Area Network (PAN) functionality, according to FSC. The net result is that the cost of deploying and managing server infrastructures is halved, said FSC.

The BladeFrame’s architecture, which forms part of FSC's Dynamic Data Centre (DDC) strategy, manages all available processing power and either down-rates or suspends non-critical applications during times of peak demand, and allows the re-provisioning servers quickly, according to FSC.

Full redundancy is built into the system architecture said the company, and server blades can be hot-swapped with no disruption to processing. This means that, if a blade fails, normal operation can continue without any interruption by automatically switching the application to a spare processor blade without user intervention. Making additions, moves and changes is also very easy and without disruption.

One BladeFrame user is an international application hosting company whose business advantage is speed of deployment for customer applications, according to FSC, and the BladeFrame enables it to create a three-tier Exchange environment in under eight minutes.

FSC said it has been able to offer the BladeFrame architecture through its technology partnership with Egenera.

FSC account director David Taylor said the demonstration had the desired effect: "With the BladeFrame you can provision a system on the fly using a very simple, menu-driven application and we wanted to show our customer just how swiftly a BladeFrame can be deployed. A more detailed installation would take a little longer but the two-minute display proved the point and underlined the exceptional value and low cost-of-ownership that this architecture can deliver."