A senior Google executive warned CIOs yesterday that they need to prepare for the the next big technology trend - bring your own wearables (BYOW).

Thomas Davies, Google Enterprise director for Northern, Eastern and Central Europe, said: “The BYOD [bring-your-own-device] boat has sailed...the next wave is going to be bring-your-own-wearables.”

Davies told CIOs and CEOs at Google’s annual enterprise conference that there’s no longer any such thing as an IT perimeter for the enterprise.  

“It’s gone,” he said at the company's Tottenham Court Road office in London. “We now need to try and find a way to harness the power and security of consumerised technology and bring that power and productivity into the workplace. Any consumer technology, used by lots of people, that is intuitive, easy to use, often free, will come into your workplace more quickly than I think we all realise.”

He warned those who fail to prepare and adapt will risk getting left behind.

“The pace of change right now is going to be at its slowest forever,” he said. “We are in the good period...it’s going to get worse and worse.”

Google UK managing director, Dan Cobley, said he hopes Android Wear, a version of the Android OS for wearables, will become the market leader, as Android has in the smartphone market.

However, while Davies and Cobley were keen to promote the adoption of wearables in the workplace, the president of Google Enterprise, Amit Singh, said his department is not working on any business-specific applications for Android Wear or Google Glass.

“We’re [Google Enterprise] not looking to design apps for Google Glass or Google Wearables at the moment,” he said. “We usually start with a lot of products in the consumer space first and then over time, if there’s an enterprise use case we’ll do all the necessary compliance and checks and regulatory things before bringing it to enterprise.”